Harpswood Employer PR

Harpswood Employer PR was set up by former national newspaper journalist James Clench to help businesses communicate effectively through the media.

As Head of News, James understood the importance of clear communication, of headlines with impact, of keeping a calm head to make the right calls during fast-moving situations, and of weighing up how different stories played to the nation’s mood. Having trained at City University – which houses one of the country’s leading journalism departments – and spent 16 years reporting and editing national news, his media network is extensive.

Harpswood Employer PR’s approach to communications is firmly grounded in James’s experience and understanding of the media. It doesn’t matter how good a plan sounds in theory if it doesn’t work in practice. We love clear and candid communication and reject jargon and fluff. We listen carefully to our clients so that we can understand where they are and where they want to be. We use all of our experience, drive and connections to get them there. We thrive on using our expertise to help our clients engage with the media, getting their positive messages across effectively and helping them navigate any difficult situations.

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