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Our comprehensive service offering ensures every aspect of the way your business communicates through the media is improved. Individually, each service works as a stand-alone offering. Together, our services integrate seamlessly to provide you with a slick and efficient business communications machine.

Every business needs an unfair advantage in its battle to employ the very best talent. Harpswood’s Employer PR service will ensure your employer brand is expressed by the best authentic stories and amplified across more of the media.

As HR lead in your business, you have worked hard to analyse the constituent parts which make your business attractive to talent.

Our media experts can take your employer value proposition and pick out the angles in which newspapers, broadcasters and digital news sites will be interested.

There could be a fascinating finding within an internal survey that highlights a generational change in attitudes about work; a common misconception about your business that a news story can debunk; or a recruitment campaign that is so innovative it has news value.

Our media connections mean we know the journalists writing about the workplace and regularly get early notice that they are writing on specific subjects which will chime with your EVP.

We will establish which publications cut through to the talent profile you are trying to attract and devise a proactive strategy to land coverage in those titles.

Earned media – that tacit third-party validation by a newspaper or broadcaster – has an impact which is impossible to match.

EVP amplification is the final piece of your recruitment jigsaw.

Magnify your innovative talent attraction campaign through an array of employer PR tactics. 

Our experts will find the angles in your campaign to gain earned media and ensure maximum positive coverage. 

We will use our knowledge to match your messaging with the right publication and land with the target audience.

Former senior journalists at Harpswood Employer PR understand the importance of case studies in bringing to life the stories of your most powerful ambassadors.

However passionately you or your CEO believe your business to be a great place to work, you will never match the raw authenticity or persuasiveness of a recent graduate hire recounting their own positive experience.

Our Case Study Studio team will work with you to select the talent in your business whose story best reflects the brand values you want to convey.

We can ensure they are trained to deal with media questions and find opportunities for them to tell their story in a way that enhances your core employer brand.

If you are targeting a specific region for recruitment, nothing speaks more powerfully than a success story from the particular village, town or city featuring in local media.

The talent you are targeting will be inspired by reading or hearing about people like them building a career in your business.

HR teams are increasingly finding their function at the centre of media interest.

Weekend magazine supplements pore over the cultures of companies and the latest trends in workplace retention. Research regularly features in news pages analysing the soft benefits that attract talent into businesses.

There is clear space for HR leads to become spokespeople for their business about its employer value proposition.

The very action of building a media profile for your HR lead will send a strong signal to potential talent of how seriously your business takes its people and culture.

CEOs are often coached in media training on how to land messages to reach an audience of shareholders, consumers or regulators… but rarely told how to reach potential talent.

Our leadership EVP media training changes that for good.

We will arm your chief executive with the knowledge and understanding to speak about your employer value proposition and employer brand with confidence and natural authority in media interviews.

They will learn how to draw on the relevant example, anecdote, statistic or fact at exactly the right moment to burnish your business’s reputation as an employer.

And in doing so they will become the most powerful ambassador for your employer brand.

A new office in a new location needs new talent.

If your business is undergoing a complete relocation, one that is a significant distance from your existing HQ, it is very unlikely that all your people will make the move with you.

You will need to attract new talent. And you will face exactly the same issue if you are opening a new regional office in addition to your existing HQ.

In either instance, our relocation PR service can help you persuade the right people that a new life in a new city is the right move for them.

Harpswood Employer PR will pick out the strongest positive story angles relating to your new home, whether it’s about a great work/life balance, a thriving tech culture or an affordable cost of living.

Our expert media knowledge means we can target your desired audience locally and nationally through the right media channels, ensuring we can deliver coders to Cornwall or graduates to Greater Manchester.

Many businesses run innovative training schemes and bursaries which offer fantastic opportunities for those who secure places on them.

They may be structured in a way that encourage social mobility and diversity within your organisation.

But often these schemes aren’t widely known about and fail to reach the very people who would be the best fit for them.

Our training scheme spotlight ensures that your initiative garners earned media coverage, highlighting the impressive opportunities that await the successful candidates while also laying out the necessary qualities of the people who should consider applying.

It’s the kind of coverage that generates word of mouth recommendations, increasing the awareness of the merits of your scheme and the number and quality of applicants.

The most powerful ambassador in your business won’t necessarily be the most confident individual. They might have a great story behind them but they might not have the tools to tell it.

Whether your best ambassador is a tech genius who has overcome a tough background, a mid-life career changer or the woman whose idea transformed the business, they could find it difficult to speak publicly about their achievements.

Making a speech at a high-profile conference or, worse still, facing a journalist for the first time are undoubtedly daunting.

Our ambassador coaches can work with your inspiring stars to formulate and deliver their story in a way which does it justice. We will ensure that there is a natural fit between an ambassador’s story and your brand values.

And we will provide practical techniques to deal with any difficult questions that might come from a journalist, ensuring positive media coverage that reflects the quality of your ambassadors.

Recognition for outstanding work plays a vital part in building the foundations of your reputation.

Industry awards provide that kitemark of excellence and act as a differentiating factor from competitors.

Harpswood’s expert writers can help you identify which awards have the most positive reputational impact and then craft your entry to ensure it cuts through to the judges.

Your reputation as an employer is an intangible quality which is often only truly understood once it is damaged or lost.

Regular positive coverage about your employer brand establishes the building blocks of your reputation.

Our other services will help you land positive messages in the media about the vision and values of your organisation.

But for all businesses, a reputational crisis of some scale will occur.

It could be as simple as a tweet gone wrong or a potentially damaging email sent to the wrong person.

Or it could be even more serious: a tribunal, industrial action or an orchestrated campaign designed to inflict reputational and commercial damage.

You will need a media crisis plan in place to protect your reputation when that time comes and expert media support by your side to help you through. You may want to consider crisis insurance.

Harpswood Employer PR’s Crisis and Reputation Management service ensures you have expert media advice on your side when you need it most.